"We are proud to witness the great opportunity Lisa Medford and Soul of Cali create for young dancers and artists. Lisa is always upbeat and focused on cutting edge ideas to motivate and encourage dancers to think technically and creatively at the same time." - Shin Dance Academy 

"Lisa Medford is a gem of a teacher. She gives fully of herself each time she is in front of a class. As a teacher myself, and owner of The Pretenders Studio, I have learned that it is one thing to be a skilled and talented dancer, and it is another to be an effective and inspiring teacher...Lisa is both. By bringing forth her own powerful style, she communicates her passion for dance effectively, safely, and lovingly. She is equally effective as a teacher to our tiniest dancers as she is to our most skilled teens. She teaches with a smile, with clarity of focus, with knowledge of technique, and with full postivie energy of mind, body , and spirit. She is a motivational and highly skilled dancer, teacher, and powerful female role model for our students." - Lisa Gumenick, owner of the Pretenders Studio 

"Lisa is a rockstar teacher and an awesome mentor to not just my daughter but all the kids that she comes into contact with.  Be prepared for fun loving, energetic and caring sessions taught by an enthusiastic teacher who knows how to connect with the children.  She is a super knowledgeable dancer and a wonderful choreographer.  Lisa creates a casual and playful environment that allows the kids to let loose and express their creativity.  Her art form and her patience is a gift and my daughter has been completely enamored by her spirit as she transforms a naturally shy child into a confident and courageous dancer." - Parent of Student

My kids have taken countless classes with Lisa.  This program is collaborative, inclusive, and community building. Children work together to create creative and inspired routines with Lisa. They get a great work out, increase their body awareness, and build self esteem.  This program is inspirational and what every childhood athletic experience should reflect: respect, inclusion, kindness, and enthusiasm! 

"Lisa Medford is an extremely talented and intentional professional who exemplifies what it means to apply her passion to inspire change, growth, and community in the people she encounters through her work. She is a change agent - she empowers youth by building their confidence, which aslo emboldens them to become postivie forces of change in their communities. As a professional with a personal commitment to connecting youth to opportunities for academic and personal success, I have been repeatedly impressed with Lisa's commited purusuit of finding ways to promote and inspire the study and creation of art. She is an exceptional artisan, teacher, and leader who invests her passion in ways that make a real impact." - Caroline Y. Kim Development Associate at Childrens' Defense Fund Ca 

Founder, Lisa Medford

Founder, Lisa Medford


Soul of Cali Kids' Dance Club

Hip-Hop Inspired dance class for all levels, ages 5-13

Discovering our own unique style from the inside out. "Kid's Dance Club" nourishes the body, brain, and spirit, through engaging choreography,  improvisation, and storytelling through movement. Soul of Cali is a trusted creative haven, committed to preserving passion through genuine companionship. 


Joslyn Park & Marine Park


 Friday 6/7/19 - 3:30-4:30pm Marine Park

LEVEL 1 - Ages 5-9

Joslyn Park:

Wednesdays 330-430pm 4/17-6/7


Marine Park:

Fridays 330-430pm 4/19-6/7

LEVEL 2 - Ages 7-13:

Joslyn Park:

Tuesdays 4-5pm  4/16-6/7

LEVEL 3 - Ages 9-14

Joslyn Park:

Wednesdays 430-530pm 4/17-6/7

Beg./Int. Adults Cardio Pop/Hip-Hop


Pop/Hip-Hop Cardio choreography

Moore Dancing, Cardio Studio

    Using upbeat music and moves, Pop/Hip-Hop Choreography is a fast-paced choreo class that rotates through songs with each new 8 count. Every class starts from the beginning and adds on sequences throughout the hour, so don’t worry if you miss a session! 

Wed 7pm

Fri 5:30pm

Sunday 12pm 

More info @: www.mooredancing.com

11943 Montana Ave Los Angeles, California, CA 90049